The Bad and Ugly!

The Bad and Ugly, Solving Serious Basement Problems is what Select Basement Waterproofing Solutions are all about

There are several ways that builders cut costs on there jobs. Don't be fooled into letting them use cheap inexpensive products that will soon cost you to replace.

The most common pipe used in basement french drains in the very fragile ribbed plastic pipe seen in the pictures below.

These pipes encourage a long list of nightmares. They promote moisture into the air by evaporating water caught inside the ribs of the pipe, promoting mold and foul smells. They are easily clogged, restricting the flow of water, and over time deteriorate; eventually serving little to no purpose at all.

Select Basement uses only the highest quality products and tools to ensure that every job will last for a lifetime.

Every pipe laid down by Select Basement is made of 100% PVC and joined and sealed professionally. All pipe laid down by us will be at the appropriate angles and joints are sealed to ensure water flow is unrestricted and does not lay static inside the pipe. Let us do your job and get it done right the first time around!

Failed WaterproofingHere are some samples of poor quality work and materials: