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Select Basement Waterproofing Solutions Customer Testimonials

All of our clients have been thrilled with the jobs we performed. See for yourself and read our customer testimonials and what our clients have to say about our work.

REAL Testimonials...

I contacted Select Basement Waterproofing for my Mom's basement. She had continual water problems that were causing her great stress and damage to her basement. On my first phone call to Select, I reached Mike. He was so courteous and caring and came out right away to assess the situation and provide a quote for the work. We had contacted other companies who were high pressure and actually had my mom in tears. Mike and his crew were nothing but professional from start to finish. They were courteous and careful with my Mom's house and did a professional job that will keep my Mom's basement water free for years to come. Thanks so very much Mike and everyone at Select for doing such a great job and being so nice to work with! I would highly recommend Select Basement Waterproofing to anyone looking for quality work at a fair price.

Donna G. , Somerdale, NJ

Look no further.....this is the company to use...1st rate job !!!!!!! not only are they reasonable in price...they do incredible work. The whole crew is A+. The work is impeccable and they leave the worksite cleaner then when they arrived. High quality materials and extensive knowledge in what needs to be done to correct the problem. I never in my life have left a testimonial but I actually felt it would be an injustice to them if I didn't...believe me they're that good.

Michael M. , Millville


Just wanted everyone to know that the basement made it through Hurricane Irene without one drop inside. The pump went off about every 10 minutes (still going but not as often). The remodel is almost complete and we're very happy.

Thanks again., Medford Lakes

Hello Mike,

I called "Select" about dampness issues I am having on one wall in my basement. I had a french drain system installed by another company 4-5 years ago. Mike told me I likely did not need his services - and told me exactly what to purchase online to solve my problem.

You really can't ask for anything more than that, a professional business owner willing to give advice knowing he would not get any business immediately. Mike will be the first person I call or recommend should I or any of my friends or family need waterproofing services in the future. Thanks!

Karen - Mullica Hill


First off, I would like to tell you how professional you and your team were. It was amazing the team work that was going on during the job. I wasn't sre you guys could get keep your promise of - starting and finishing in one day; but you did! The other thing I have to say... was how well the crew cleaned up and how polite they were.

Lastly, it was your professionalism in the beginning - in seeing and explaining the reasons for my water problems and the needed fixes for making my basement finally mold free and dry. You had the best "answers and knowledge" on what was causing my problems then any of the other companies who also looked at my basement. Thanks again for a Healthy Dry Basement!

I would certainly recommend "Select" to everyone that has a basement concern - be it mold, water seepage or basement remolding. These Guys are great.

Thanks again!

Jeff L., EnglishTown NJ


I would like to tell you how professional you and your crew were - what team work and very polite. I still can't believe you and the crew finished the job in one day.... awesome! My mother and I can't thank you enough. Finally, a dry basement.....

David Chatburn & Elizabeth Rosenbaum
Maple Shade

"We wanted to thank you for all the work you did on the hospital basement! It not only looks wonderful - is very dry. With every rain, we used to get a lot of water in the basement due to our being located on a high water table. You took the time to make sure that your solution worked.

Your professionalism in dealing with us and the job was outstanding. As this is our animal's care center, we are very cautious about ensuring that any work done to our hospital is done correctly and will not harm our most vulnerable visitors. You took all that into consideration and took our concerns seriously.

Your ability to get the job completed in one day (and to pass inspection) allowed us the ability not to disturb the animals in our care.

We appreciate your efforts! Anyone who has seen your work has made positive comments. We highly recommend you and look forward to a wonderful future relationship.

Warm and "dry" regards."

Steven E Hornstein, DVM
Medical Director

Monroe, NJ

By the way, we've had some good heavy rains since you installed the waterproofing system and the basement is as dry as a bone. I don't even use a dehumidifier anymore as it feels plenty dry without it. Much thanks to you and all of your staff who did an outstanding job. They're a good bunch of guys and it was a pleasure having them work at our home.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season.

Tom Schmieder

Long Valley NJ

Thank you so much Mike for the great job your team did waterproofing our home. Every time it would rain there would be water in our crawl space. My husband spent hours and hours dry vacuuming the crawl space any time it rained. As many customer do, we spent many hours interviewing other companies - I have to say your proactive crawlspace solution is the cutting edge. I could not believe how much water came out of the cinder blocks when you drilled weep holes in the lower course block to relieve capillary pooling. And the benefits of installing the Thermal Armor Wall vapor barrier is the best investment I have ever made to save on energy, as well as keep the floors warmer.

It just goes to show how the water and moisture we saw in the area was only the tip of the iceberg. Last but not least, thank you for the professional way your crew treated our home as if it were their own, with two days of rain when you were working, you did not track in any mud into the house. My husband spent hours dry vacuuming the crawl space any time it rained, now we can spend that time together. Thank you again,

Harris Family
Somerdale, N.J.

I would like to take the time to write you guys a thank you letter. After smelling a foul odor and discovering a small amount of mold in my finished basement I was immediately concerned and bothered. I did some research, and I did not like what I was reading. I am the father of 2 young boys, and the basement is their play area and my Football Sunday room. I began to look on-line for some type of direction. The first company that came up was yours. Within a few minutes of reading up on your company, I immediately felt comfortable. I made the call to inquire what the first steps were to proceed to get this problem solved immediately. The gentleman that answered the phone was professional and courteous. I am sorry I did not retrieve his name. After asking a few questions, he advised me that one of the owners would be calling me to set up an appointment. By the end of the day a gentleman by the name of Mike returned my call and after a short conversation we had both agreed to set up an appointment for the next business day. I told my boys to stay away from the basement until we knew what was going on.

The next day arrived not soon enough, and I met up with Mike who actually was early, not too common these days. I showed Mike what we had discussed over the phone. He removed some type of equipment from his bag and began to do some readings on different locations within the basement. After a short time, he advised me that it was good that I called, because the basement was above the level of humidity that it needed to be, and the problem could be corrected. I had asked Mike how bad the humidity and the mold was. He explained from 1 to 10 polling, 10 being the worst my problem was a 1. I was relieved. At that time we discussed when he could correct the problem. After Mike made a couple of phone calls, he asked me when I would like the job done. I replied back as soon as possible. Mike stated that he would call me back by the end of the day, possibility the next day. After a short time I received a call from Mike stating that the crew would be on site the next day. Mike went on to state that he always has one of the owners present and that his partner would arrive with the crew.

The crew along with the other owner Mike Klukiewski was on site at 9:15 am and worked throughout the day to complete the job. I had arrived home from work that day at approx. 4:30 pm and the crew and Mr. Klukiewski were just about complete. I spoke to Mr. Klukiewski for some time to go over exactly what he and his crew had done, which he showed me in detail. I felt very satisfied and happy that the job was complete as quick as it was. As a husband and father, my priority is my family. I would like to take the time to thank all of the members of Select Basement Waterproofing for your promptness, efficiency and professionalism. I will recommend your company to all my family and friends. Thank You very much!!

Bill Morgan
Toms River NJ

Hey Mike: Since my waterproofing job was just done yesterday, I had to say what a great, efficient, professional job you guys did. There was no disruption to the rest of my house, the guys were great, willing to explain everything to me at every step of the way (I know I'm a pain!) The Crew came and went in one day and LEFT EVERYTHING CLEANER THAN IT WAS WHEN THEY CAME!!! I'm so glad we chose you to do the job. I'm sure I'll be back to comment later on the success of putting back the sheet rock and studs. Too bad we didn't get you before we had the basement finished!!

Darlene P.
Sewell NJ

We felt comfortable every time we interacted with Mike and he was willing to work with us to get the best affordable solution to our basement seepage problem.

I just wanted to write and thank you again SELECT for an awesome basement waterproofing job. I can't believe through all this rain, in June,July, Aug... not one drop of water. Now I can finally finish my basement. As business owner, I received good feedback from our customers, on services and products we deliver, but we truly didn't realize how great any waterproofing company could be - until Mike and their 12 man team came to our home to actually install their proactive basement waterproofing system. The speed and efficiency with which the work was done and how clean they left the place was truly awesome! What takes most company's to do in three days - Select did in one day. There were 12 guys working on my basement. But the best thing about it is, the peace of mind of knowing - no more mold, no more musty smell, no high humidity, and no more water on the floor. And I can finally finish my basement. I must say, Select didn't hard sell us... or even tried to close the deal on the same day; as do so many other companies do with fake discounts. ( Mid-Atlantic) They even encouraged me to visit some jobs in progress. As there motto say's... There is no competition. And we truly saw it, to be believe it. Mike, tell your future customers they call me anytime...

Quinton Jones
Williamstown NJ

Hello Mike,

The system seems to be working out quite well after all that rain - in July and August, thank you so much.

You might be amused to know that Mid-Atlantic called me last week and offered me a substantial discount from the original estimate. I told them the work had already been done by Select Basement Waterproofing. Then they called me today and we had the exact same conversation again…

Kevin & Robin Dahm - Sicklerville NJ

Hi Mike & Mike
We hired Select Basement Waterproofing - after making a mistake of hiring our plumber to install french drain in our bi-level home. For all you homeowners who think a plumbers are waterproofer's - think again. Select came highly recommend by our neighbor, and now I know why. The job they did in my basement was A+++. Mike the owner of Select, were so professional in every aspect of the job and I would highly recommend their company. I truly found a company that takes pride in their work and can see that they would go the extra mile to satisfy the customers. I plan to be using them to finish my basement. Thanks again Select for an awesome job - I look forward to using you again for my finishing project. 5 Stars to you both!
Frank M. - Warrington, PA

Good morning Mike,

All is great with the basement on this end, particularly considering all of the rain which we have had over the past month. We are Very happy with the work which was done and have been confidently recommending Select whenever relevant to anyone’s interests. The drainage system is working very well, the sump is quiet, and the basement finish work/living space was done to very quality standards with attention to detail, as promised and expected.

As mentioned by both yourself and Mike, we are following up to make sure that the Santa Fe was appropriately selected for our space. You had mentioned coming back after a month and checking the reading to ensure that the proper levels were being achieved without over-working the unit. The unit does seem to be working very well, but we also need to be sure that it is working to the expected extent and that it is not running too often at to high of a setting to make it (1) not work too hard/ overextend itself, and (2) uneconomical. Secondly, you had specified that you tripled the manufacturer warranty, so we would like to follow up on both of those points. Please let me know when one of you can arrange to check the Santa Fe and how we will have it on record with either you or Thermastor that the warranty is extended.

Thanks again,

Mark & Maggie B.

David Tyree Testimonial

My friend who live on comstock has a small basement (almost like a guest house) and he wants an estimate. I will be sending him your contact info.

I will check the house tomorrow but I want you to know I was WAY IMPRESSED with your crew. They couldn't have been more polite, respectful, and professional. Nice reflection on your company.


"We hired Select to solve our water seepage problem in the basement. And found that Select Basement Waterproofing Solutions was absolutely incredible! Not to mention that Select came highly recommended from our 2 neighbors.

Jerome (the Owner) looked at our problem and within minutes realized the problem and the solution. I was pleased with the fact that no high-pressure tactics were used like the other companies that we had in before to get a quote.

Our decision to hire Select Basement Waterproofing Solutions was one of the best investments we ever made for our ranch home From start to finish they were unbelievable!!! They were the best contractor we ever had working for us!!!

The job was done exactly as we were told and no corners were cut, and they did extras and did not charge us!!! My father was so amazed that he even did his house, that not only needed waterproofing, but it had many structural problems. Select Basement Waterproofing Solutions excavated the basement one foot deeper to make the basement like you would never believe.

My father's and my basement do not smell anymore at all, are now dry to the bone, clean, and look great. My basement and my dad's basement is on Jerome's video computer.

Now my basement is half finished, with a bedroom, full bathroom, and gym, and office. Thank you Select Basement Waterproofing Solutions COMPANY. Now our home is two levels, and is so nice to go down stairs. Keep up the great work."

Fred & Holly Ramsey
Aberdeen, NJ

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"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for a job well done. In this world a person is measured on his word. Based on that belief you guys are worth your weight in gold. Prior to signing on with your company I had interviewed many other "professionals"; all with a good story. I hired you guys because your services were the most affordable, you used only hi-grade supplies and you backed up your word by showing me proof of what you had already done. Finally, I was most impressed when you asked for no money until the job was done.

You are your word and that is why I would recommend you guys to anyone that asks. The job looks great and it works perfect. It was a pleasure to do business with you guys. Feel free to use me as a reference. "

Gene T. Ryan
Re/Max First Realty
East Brunswick, NJ

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"We just wanted to send this note of thanks to you and your team at Select Basement Waterproofing Solutions for a job well done. You and your courteous, professional and dedicated team spared no effort in implementing what proved to be an extremely challenging job in waterproofing our crawl space.

Honesty and integrity are valuable commodities in any business (along with a job well done) and we sincerely appreciate your fairness and perseverance. You stayed true to your word and delivered on your promise to provide the highest quality waterproofing available and did not cut corners just to meet a timeframe. We will gladly recommend Select Basement Waterproofing Solutions in the future.

It is now over a month later and our crawl space looks great and is completely dry. Please extend our thanks to your team."

Bob and Gail Pellicone
Red Bank, NJ

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"Select Basement Waterproofing Solutions is as professional a company as you could possibly have to deal with your water issues. From the get-go they came right out and gave us a quote on the job. They are there to do and finish the job as scheduled. When they said they would start the job, they did; and when they said they would be finished, they were. Their crew is excellent; careful with moving and covering needed items, extremely professional working, and they cleaned up the job at the end. We would recommend Select Basement Waterproofing Solutions a million times over."

The Hendricksons
Firehouse Specialty Shop
Red Bank, NJ

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"We want to thank you for coming to our home at 9:00 PM at night. I am a Realtor with Mack-Morris B.T.E. Holdmel, NJ for the past 6 years one of the most successful Realtors in the US. I pride myself in customer service and will highly recommend your company to my clients. You have performed excellent work at fair prices. Thank you again for your outstanding service. "

James M. Lavin
Holmdel, NJ

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"Kindly feel free to use my name as a recommendation for your services. I was extremely pleased with the level of professional ability and customer service you provided. Especially after the success in the condition of my basement after the recent heavy rains that our area has incurred. Your work has stood up to the guarantee you provided when you were hired to waterproof my basement.

I have great experience with professionals that do not meet your level of service. You and your company answer every phone call and responded to every question I had. You provided intense follow-up care and even waterproofed areas above and beyond your contracted obligation.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I would be happy to provide references should anyone ever require them."

Lisa A. Grossman
Keyport, NJ

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