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Failure to clean your sewer line regularly can cause sludge, hair, soap scum, and so forth to accumulate and cause clogging. However, cleaning your sewer line can help prevent sewage backup and drenched basement. For your professional sewer cleaning in Ventura, CA, always call on our experts at Oaks Drain Service.

For several years, we have been recognized to offer excellent plumbing, drain, and sewer cleaning services to residential and commercial clients in Ventura, California. We have the needed tools and experience to give your sewer line the thorough cleaning it deserves.

What is Sewer and Drain Cleaning?

The drain and sewer line is part of your home's plumbing system that channels out the wastewater from your home. The drains collect wastewater from the kitchen sink, bathroom, and toilet and send them to the sewer. The sewer then sends the wastewater to the sewer line underneath the front of your street.

As time goes on these wastewater systems could be clogged and prevent the passage of wastewater out of your house. One veritable way to remove the debris and other materials that clog them us is to clean them out. Sewer and drain cleaning involves the manual cleaning or high-pressure jetting to clear out obstructions and make way for proper drainage.

When Do I Need Sewer Cleaning?

Backed up Toilet: When you flush a toilet and water back up into the bathtub or the toilet basin, this could be an indication that the drainage system is clogged. The water backs up because it has nowhere to go. When such a situation is noticed then it's time to clean your sewer.

Foul Smell: A backed up sewer line is usually followed by a noxious odor. The wastewater held up at the clogged sewer has nowhere to go but get held up in there and emanate unpleasant smell. Pay close attention to the plumbing lines at your home. If you detect an unusual smell, it could be time to call professional attention to your sewer line.

Slow Draining: If water seems to drain slowly through the drainage system, it could be a sign that the sewer has been clogged and need cleaning. Slow draining is a common sign in many homes in Ventura that your sewer line is in bad shape and needs immediate attention.

How Much does it Cost to Clean a Sewer Line?

There is no actual cost of cleaning a sewer line. The price may depend if the sewer line needs to be removed or the trenchless method should be used. The number of sewer lines that needs cleaning also determines the cost. Consult a sewer cleaning company in Ventura to figure out the cost of sewer line cleaning.

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Sewer Cleaning Ventura