Cracked Concrete Malibu

Article provided by: Wallock & Maggio Inc.

Cracked Concrete Malibu

Dealing with cracked concrete in Malibu? There’s an affordable solution to damaged concrete- Wallock & Maggio serves the greater Malibu location with cost-effective, reliable repairs that restore concrete to pre-damaged condition. If you thought the only recourse to cracked or worn concrete was to remove and re-pour, we have great news for you: repairs are a lot more affordable than you might think. Our team can deliver exceptional results at a cost you can afford.

Small and Large Repairs

We repair all types of damaged concrete, from minor cracks to more serious issues, using a wide range of methods that include:

  • Epoxy injections, best for cracks and smaller repairs
  • Moisture control services
  • Concrete sealing to protect against insects and pests
  • Specialty mortars for unique projects
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Seismic retrofitting

You can see photos of our work located in our ‘Services’ section. Click on any of our services in the drop-down menu to see our team at work throughout the community or request local references for a broader scope of results.

Additional Concrete Services We Offer

We do a lot more than just repair cracked concrete in Malibu and its surrounds- we are pleased to provide all of the following:

  • Concrete Waterproofing
  • Floor leveling
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Micro-Topping
  • New Construction Concrete Pouring
  • Vapor Mitigation
  • Epoxy Floor Pouring
  • Concrete Polishing

The Added Value of Waterproofing

Once we complete your concrete repairs, we can seal out water and moisture to ensure a long-lasting product that will stand the test of time. Preventing water from reaching your concrete surfaces will prolong the lifespan and keep concrete looking and performing for many, many years. Waterproofing is inexpensive, and effective- call us for an estimate for waterproofing bridges, hospitals, structural slabs, tunnels, decks, parking lots, plazas, and many other projects.

Repairing and Leveling Damaged Concrete Surfaces

Severe concrete damage can result in surfaces that are no longer level or suitable for commercial or residential applications. We employ factory-trained, licensed Ardex applicators and LevelMaster Elite installers who are knowledgeable and highly skilled in providing pro-quality results. Feel free to call or send us an email communication to request additional information on our floor leveling services.

Glossy Finish Polishing

Did you know your indoor concrete surfaces can be polished to deliver a showroom-quality glossy finish that lasts for years? It surprises many of our customers to learn we offer concrete polishing that can transform the dull finish of their floors into a high-gloss, water-like appearance. We specialize in concrete polishing for auto showrooms, homes, retail stores, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and offices.

Affordably Repairing Cracked Concrete in Malibu and Beyond

Call us for an inspection of your concrete surfaces, and we’ll come out and take a closer look at what’s going on. Wallock & Maggio excels in providing multiple options for repairs and additional protection to guarantee your new surfaces look and perform well over time. Call us first to save on all of your concrete maintenance.

Cracked Concrete Malibu
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Cracked Concrete Malibu
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